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k out of his personal fondness of the Chinese food, which became an〓 instant hit among New Yorkers. A tasty and crispy jianbing is made by p〓ouring batter (made of rice or beans) onto a circular hotplate. After car〓efully spreading the batter wik

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th a spatula, an egg is cracked on top. Gre〓en onions, a crispy cracker and any other ingredients that the consumers 〓like are added before the snack is folded into a tidy pocket.A laboratory worker in full biohazE

  • Hexi 〓district, Tianjin. 88812002 ext 8888 2. Gouc
  • buli baozi Baozi, or steam〓ed buns witW
  • h filling, is a popular staple food in North China. Baozi, or
  • ?steamed buns with filling, is a popular staplex
  • food in North China. Gou〓buli, a 2
  • time-honored chain restaurant in Tianjin with a history of more t



ard gear is patrolling rows of rainbow〓 colored LED-lit shelves. The shelves stand about 2 meters and have six〓 levels, each containing trays of lettuce saplings bathing underneath t〓he light, and the room is illu4

minated in a psychedelic pink. A labor〓atory worker in biohazard gear checks the growth of lettuce in the vert〓ical farm in Anxi, Fujian province. ZHAN r

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  • s far less water and f〓ertilizer than conventional farms. However, the farm's high-energy cos〓t has greatly limited its scale and profitability. In recent years, Chi〓nese scientists at the Anxi plant factory have mitigated the issue by i〓nventing energyN

    years, is the most fame1
  • efficient LEDs and recyclable hydroponic solutions, as 〓well as new energy-conserving methods to maximize a plant's growth pote〓ntial. San'an Sino-Science, the company behind the project, says these〓 new methods have cut the factory's overall energy conl

    d brand of its kind. GaobulZ
  • sumption by 25 pe〓rcent compared with its first facility. "We hope to cut more energy so〓 vertical farming can become a viable way to feed our population withou〓t polluting and straining our already scarce G

    i's buns〓 are knownA
for their savory taste aS nd exquisite ingredients, suW
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